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New Minimally Invasive Bridge-Plate Technique for Treatment of Atrophic Humeral Shaft Nonunion NewMinimallyInvasiveBridge-Plate
BE New Minimally Invasive

1. Introduction

Humeral nonunion is a condition resulting from lack of healing at the fracture site often associated with alteration of the local biological potential. Treatment is a challenge due to preoperative conditions and difficulties inherent to the surgery.

Ring et al. (1) demonstrated that the most important factor to achieve bone healing in nonunion is use of a careful, biologically and mechanically adequate technique.

Using a surgical technique that respects the basic principles of less soft tissue dissection, preservation of blood supply and immediate rehabilitation of the operated limb is respected. The present study introduced an original surgical technique for treatment of humeral shaft nonunion and the results in a patient with atrophic humeral shaft nonunion.


Publicações Atuais

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